Green Beetz

We thank Grow NYC and Green Beetz for awarding PS 163 with their awesome curriculum in the 2016-17 school year, and now again for 2017-18. Our wonderful 5th grade teachers used the Green Beetz modules to help kids discover the history, complexities, deliciousness and importance of fruits and vegetables. The photos below reveal how successful these lessons were and how thrilled the students were to be a part of this crucial movement.

Take a LEAP

Look at the amazing work done by the PS 163 after school program, LEAP


And this sweet wagon to honor Johnny, PS 163 custodian for over 20 years, who sadly passed away in March


No Leaf Left Unused

Ever wonder what happens to our cuttings and leaf litter? They’re recycled at Friday’s 97th St. Green Market’s Green Thumb collection. Together with your food scraps, compost is created and donated back to schools, community gardens and parks! Thanks, Ian!

Thank You Boy Scouts!

Sooo much happened in March that we couldn’t get to it until April!

First, major merit badges to the amazing Boy Scout Troop #664 who edged and mulched our beds to prevent water runoff and beautified the garden. What an awesome group!

Second, scout salute to Miles Litzke, of troop #664, who chose our garden for his Eagle Scout project. He led and project managed design and construction of a storage screen for our tools & supplies.


Miles Litzke

Miles’ dad Tim joined in the construction – a dynamic duo!


Tim and Miles Litzke

Pumpkin Smiles

The Garden Team carved some time out to welcome a new face today


They drew on all their resources to make sure their friend could see it all


They had to cut into their time and dig deep to make sure this new friend was ready


But the result was an orange happy face welcoming everyone to PS 163 and the garden


Happy Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos!